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Senior Citizen Couple
Senior Citizen Couple


The leadership challenge for organizations in today’s stressful environments essentially consists of two critical components:

  1. Command and control leadership no longer works.  Regardless of size, ownership or industrial sector, effective, authentic leadership is the ingredient organizations must have to succeed.  
  2. Behavioral and stylistic issues render even the most functionally skilled leaders as ineffective… or worse. Too often, senior leaders and owners fail because others perceive them negatively.  Leaders who possess extraordinary levels of awareness, and the impacts they have on others, are the ones who thrive. 

Installing and retaining effective, authentic leadership is not a matter of attending yet another workshop, firing yet another failed leader, or throwing money at a problem.  It requires careful, ongoing development.  And it begins at the top.  Root causes must be identified.  Flawed underlying beliefs must be addressed.

When executive, leadership and professional development is facilitated by highly trained specialists who are external to the organization and are unencumbered by internal politics and conflicts of interest, optimal growth and positive results are probable.

Resolute Consulting Group LLC is a comprehensive Trusted Advisory practice that pairs mindful executive coaching with skilled counseling and consulting.  With decades of experience spanning high visibility individuals, small family businesses and large, multi-national corporations, Resolute Consulting Group partners have guided business owners, executives and professionals through almost every organizational and interpersonal situation imaginable, from the relatively straightforward to the profoundly complex.

The approach Resolute Consulting Group utilizes in the instance of every engagement is one of specialization, based upon specific client needs.  In every case, the most advanced and effective methodologies available in the coaching, counseling and consulting fields are employed. 

Members of ICF, APA, NCDA, CCE, and NBAA

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