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Divorce Transition Coaching

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Divorce Transition Coaching

Divorce Transition Coaching
Crossing the Bridge to New Beginnings

Thoughts on Authentic Leadership
By John P. Schreitmueller

According to the American Psychological Association (APA), more than 40% of new marriages in the United States end in divorce.  By any standard, that is a staggering statistic.
Divorce impacts all kinds of people: male, female, heterosexual, gay, young, middle age, seniors, white, minority… the ramifications of divorce do not discriminate. 

In the instances of executives, business owners and professionals, divorce represents an array of issues, challenges, emotions and stress that can paralyze even the most astute organizational leaders or significantly compensated professionals, including medical doctors, attorneys and credentialed financial advisers.

Typically, men and women who are either considering divorce, are actively involved in divorce proceedings, or are navigating the uncharted waters of post-divorce environments have, necessarily, sought guidance from family law attorneys, and accountants or other qualified financial professionals. Assistance from marital counselors or therapists may also be sought. 

Often, however, a gap exists between interactions with these professionals and the goals and authentic outcomes the parties involved are seeking. The straightforward action and goal-oriented methodologies professional coaching offers can significantly and positively close the gap, augment the divorce journey, and provide a client/advocate relationship of extraordinary value before, during and after this most chaotic and life-changing event. 

The introduction of divorce transition coaching, provided by credentialed coach practitioners who are certified in this specific avenue of the coaching profession, has evolved into a cutting-edge and effective approach to the divorce process.  Certified divorce transition coach practitioners help their clients:

  • Get off the emotional roller coaster of the divorce experience
  • Promote wellness while considering divorce, during and following divorce
  • Find their voice and empower them to speak it
  • Empower them to negotiate for what is important
  • Achieve better legal and life outcomes
  • Minimize the impacts of divorce on children
  • Learn to effectively co-parent
  • Create strategies for divorce when health or personality disorders are factors
  • Save money in legal fees and associated costs
  • Create strategies for re-invention and realization of positive new beginnings
  • Approach new relationships following divorce with positive awareness

As in the case of executive coaching, divorce transition coaching, while highly effective and responsive, does not represent a “quick fix” for individual, behavioral, financial, career and life issues that are, almost always, immensely complex.  It does, however, provide methodology and a format that can help clients respond logically instead of reacting emotionally, and derive realistic approaches to the challenges of divorce instead of dealing with chaos by enabling chaos.

Divorce often spans stages of change as identified by James Prochaska, Ph.D.  They include:

  • Precontemplative
  • Contemplative
  • Preparation
  • Action
  • Maintenance

Regardless of which stage of the divorce/change process in which a client may find him or herself, exploring how divorce transition coaching can dramatically help is most likely well worth the effort. 

Resolute Consulting Group provides highly confidential, mindful divorce transition coaching specifically developed to meet the needs of executives, business owners and professionals.  If you find yourself facing the possibility of divorce, are in the process of divorce proceedings, or if you are in the post-divorce phase, we would welcome the opportunity to sit down with you, hear about your needs, and outline how a relationship with us might be of significant value.

You can contact us at 770-998-5281, or via email at: [email protected]

John P. Schreitmueller, PCC-BC, is a board-certified executive coach practitioner with advanced credentialing in divorce transition coaching.  With offices in Atlanta GA and Sarasota FL, his practice specializes in the business, leadership, career, organizational, behavioral and work/life needs of executives, business owners and professionals.

Selected data provided for this article are via the American Psychological Association (APA), Michelle McEllis, MSEd, BCC and Camille Wilson, LPC, BCC.

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