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Crisis Management For Authentic Leaders Series

Crisis Management for Authentic Leaders Series

Posted on July 18th, 2013 | Categories: Authentic Leadership

Today, scandal is in the air.  The news is filled with it, and it all points to inauthentic leadership.  Ironically, the worse the scandal, the worse leadership appears to handle it.  From one story to another, we see stonewalling, misrepresentations, accusations, deflections… you name it.  The results: distrust, disrespect and countless lost opportunities.

Authentic leaders do much better than so many in Washington who seem to believe that lies well told will make scandals and crises abate. Over the next few weeks, let’s discuss the 5 simple steps authentic leaders follow in times of crisis:

Step 1:
Incentivize the truth internally, without fear of retaliation

This means leadership encourages team members to be on their toes when things go wrong… particularly when things go really wrong. So, team members, from the bottom up, have no fear in approaching top leadership with subjects or events that might be controversial, uncomfortable or even scandalous. No team member lives in fear of retaliation as a result of telling the truth.

Authentic leadership demonstrates consistent integrity and holds itself accountable for performance along lines of excellence. Performance along lines of excellence is about much more than “making the numbers.” It is about setting an example based on the truth instead of what leadership wishes was the truth.

Come back next week for Step 2!





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