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Crisis Management For Authentic Leaders Series Step 2

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Crisis Management for Authentic Leaders Series: Step 2

Posted on July 18th, 2013 | Categories:
Authentic Leadership

Crisis Management for Authentic Leaders Series: Step 2

Last week we launched our Crisis Management for Authentic Leaders Series. We began with reviewing the importance of eliminating the fear of employee retaliation. This week we are discussing why transparency is critical in a crisis.
Step 2:
Come clean fast, in public

Scandals become scandals when leaders attempt to cover up or re-write what actually took place. While the event or issue may be in itself very distasteful, it is the cleansing or inauthentic re-telling of the event that captures the media’s ire, and the public’s distrust.

Authentic leaders are courageous men and women. They recognize the power of the truth, and they recognize that in times of crisis, the clock is indeed ticking. People want to be in the presence of leaders who, when the chips are down, get up in front of constituents, employees or cameras and come clean… entirely and quickly. Anything less and perception takes its inevitable course.

Remember the lyrics from The Who’s Vietnam Era hit “We Won’t Get Fooled Again”…. “Meet the new boss; same as the old boss.” Don’t fulfill the negative expectations of a world so accustomed to lousy leadership. If a crisis erupts, get out there, get in front of the issue and do it quickly and completely. Nothing else you can do will help as much to solve the crisis and repair the damage.

Did you miss Step 1: Incentivize the truth internally, without fear of retaliation?

Stay tuned for Step 3 next week!

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