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Crisis Management For Authentic Leaders Series Step 4

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Crisis Management for Authentic Leaders Series: Step 4

Posted on July 25th, 2013 | Categories:
Authentic Leadership

Crisis Management for Authentic Leaders Series: Step 4

Welcome to week four of our Crisis Management for Authentic Leaders Series ! We began with reviewing the importance of eliminating the fear of employee retaliation. Then we demonstrated why transparency is critical in a crisis . Last week we discussed why using the old-school “protect and defend” approach is ineffective . Today we’re recognizing the opportunities and benefits from involving others in crisis management.

Step 4:
Involve trusted resources to find meaningful solutions

Authentic leaders recognize that when things go wrong, trusted advisors, employees, customers and suppliers represent their best options for discovering solutions and moving forward. Instead of turning inward and creating fortresses in which they can hide, they actively reach out for assistance. In some instances, they even reach out to competitors where they know other authentic leaders reside and will treat interactions honorably.

When constituents, clients, lending institutions and others observe leadership’s active involvement in pulling together these types of resources to address a crisis, restoration of trust is not only possible, it is probable.

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