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Crisis Management For Authentic Leaders Series Step 5

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Crisis Management for Authentic Leaders Series: Step 5

Posted on August 1st, 2013 | Categories:
Authentic Leadership

Crisis Management for Authentic Leaders Series: Step 5

Welcome to week five of our Crisis Management for Authentic Leaders Series. We began by reviewing the importance of eliminating the fear of employee retaliation . In week two we demonstrated why transparency is critical in a crisis . Next we examined why using the old-school “protect and defend” approach is ineffective . Last week discussed the value of trusted advisors when developing a crisis management strategy. Today, in week five of our series, we are sharing the value of following-up.

Step 5:
Update progress frequently

Crisis mode demands timely responses. When clients, suppliers, the media and others are looking to leadership for answers, the last thing you want to do is delay. While avoiding knee-jerk reactions and the proverbial quick fix approach, this is a time to develop an aggressive timeline with your team that is outlined publicly. Meet benchmarks you outline, or explain completely why a certain benchmark might be delivered at a date later than expected.

Communication and the manner in which leadership communicates is critical as solutions are explored. This is time to depend on other authentic leaders who are professionals, understand communications and can coach or advise you effectively. Remember, there is nothing wrong with truthful messaging. Leaders get in to trouble when their messengers are obviously nothing more than purveyors of inauthentic defense strategies. The more you are out there, in front, telling the truth, the faster the crisis will pass.

Catch-up on the other steps to crisis management success!

Step 1: Incentivize the truth internally, without fear of retaliation

Step 2: Come clean fast, in public

Step 3: Don’t “defend”

Step 4: Involve trusted advisors to find meaningful solutions





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