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Rates & Insurance

Fees and Rates 

Resolute Consulting Group is a Concierge practice, and engagements are configured to meet specific client needs. We advise against approaching executive coaching as a “quick fix” for issues, challenges and opportunities that are almost always complex business, leadership, organizational, behavioral or interpersonal situations best addressed on a strategic basis. Fees are developed based upon careful assessment of client needs during a scheduled initial interview.
Most engagements have an initial duration of 12 months, with an intake retainer due upon initiation of scheduled meetings. Clients have the option to continue the coaching process after the initial 12 months, at preferred fee structures.  In limited instances, engagements are conducted on a selective by-hour basis. An intake fee is due at the beginning of the first scheduled meeting, and hourly fees are due at the beginning of each subsequent scheduled meeting. 

Insurance and Tax Applicability 

Resolute Consulting Group does not accept third party insurance.  All fees are either paid through organizations or are paid on a private client basis.
In our experience, we have found executive coaching and consulting are widely accepted as legitimate tax deductible professional services.  However, we cannot promise, warrant or represent applicability in the instance of any client or potential client.  We urge clients and potential clients to contact their CPA, tax attorney, CFP or other qualified financial adviser to determine eligibility. 


Resolute Consulting Group accepts personal checks, business checks, American Express, Master Card, Visa or direct deposit accounts clients provide.  Resolute Consulting Group forwards an electronic invoice for all transactions, and credit card or direct deposit accounts are charged per invoice on or about the first  day of each month. 

Cancellation and Missed Appointments

We ask clients to treat scheduled meetings, whether in person or via phone or video venues, as high priority events. In instances when coaching is provided on an hourly basis, Resolute Consulting Group bills at a rate of $375.00 per hour if we are not notified about reschedules or cancellations at least 24 hours in advance, or if a client misses a scheduled meeting with no advance communication with us. 


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