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When Its Time To Get Help

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When It’s Time to Get Help

Posted on January 24th, 2014 | Categories:
Authentic Leadership , Uncategorized

The role of trusted advisory executive coaching, counseling and consulting is evolving at a rapid rate. Deployed well by experienced, qualified practitioners across a wide range of client needs, trusted advisory brings to the table a wealth of benefits, solutions and opportunities for organizations and individual participants.

Since the
economic meltdown of 2008, organizations and their leaders—tasked with navigating uncertain waters of the post-downturn world—are utilizing trusted advisors to help them manage areas and circumstances they may not have considered previously.

Examples of how organizations are recognizing that it is indeed time to get professional help, and how they are putting trusted advisory to work on their behalf include:

On Boarding of Newly Appointed Leaders

Data available since the 90s indicates newly appointed leaders make it or fail within about 18 months of assuming their roles, with high proportions failing. The traditional sink-or-swim approach to getting recently recruited or appointed professionals and executives integrated into their roles is now largely recognized as ineffective at best . . . and a tragic waste at worst. Replacing top talent often costs organizations upwards of 125% of leaders , and that does not take in to consideration loss of productivity, morale, client issues, and internal damage.

On boarding top talent with trusted advisory counseling and coaching stacks the odds in favor of the newly appointed leader and the organizations who have so much at stake in terms of human capital investment, key relationships, and competitive factors. Between 2012 and 2013 alone, our firm
partnered with multiple organizations , helping newly appointed leaders assimilate into the cultures, performance, relationships and dynamics of their roles with high rates of success.

Relationship Development and Behavioral Challenges

Let’s face it. People today don’t want to work for jerks. They will go to great lengths to avoid them and organizations they run, even in less than favorable economic conditions.

We observe on an increasing basis the difference between a “leader” and an
authentic leader is measured through levels of awareness the leader demonstrates. A leader who consistently recognizes the impacts he or she has on others is more likely to succeed than a counterpart, including those with similar or even more robust education and experience backgrounds.

Instances of organizations seeking our assistance to augment top leaders and upwardly mobile talent through leaders’ abilities to develop and grow key relationships—both externally and internally—are on the rise. Additionally, instances where organizations seek our guidance to open communication by working confidentially with leaders whose stylistic or behavioral issues are presenting blockages are also dramatically increasing.

Trusted advisory executive coaching, counseling and consulting is flexible and highly effective in addressing myriad organizational and individual situations , issues, challenges, and opportunities. Whether it is applied in its typical applications or utilized to address more complex and varied situations and instances, trusted advisory provided by credentialed and experienced practitioners provides clients and client participants with strict confidentiality combined with the clinical awareness that often makes all the difference. What are your needs?

John P. Schreitmueller, PCC, ECP-BC is CEO of Resolute Consulting Group LLC, a trusted advisory practice specializing in executive, leadership, organizational, developmental, behavioral and career coaching, counseling and consulting. The practice is based in Atlanta, GA and serves clients throughout the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Western Europe.

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